Issue with character spot HELP PLEAZE

Hey, I don’t understand why when I preview my episode (either on phone or on my computer) this happens even though I copied whatever’s was written with the spot helper.
I tried to put THEN @… spot. I also tried with the AND (and also &) and I also tried with a changement line break and it still doesn’t the EXACT same thing. And I’ve to admit it’s starting to drive me crazy.

do you want her to be small?

Did you copy and paste the code

If you want her to stay small when she enters the scene, you need to spot her off screen and have her walk to her spot w/ the same spot number so she doesn’t change size.

From what I can see you have “enters from left to screen left”, and this will put them at the automatic spot size which is like 1.280 or something.

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Yes!!! But it’s not working

I did :confused:

Thank you so much !

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@Sydney_H this topic can be closed :slight_smile:

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Topic closed by OP request. :smiley: