Issue with overlays


I have been dealing with this issue for months. It isn’t just on the pitch perfect story. This started happening after chapter 6 when the dorm caught on fire. Now I can’t even finish the story without seeing all those dots. This happens on other stories if it goes to a black and white overlay to signal something that happened in the past.

Before anyone ask I have an Android phone with HTC u11 and I have Android 8.0.


Looks like a glitch. I recommend submitting a ticket to admin.


Hi. I submitted multiple tickets but episode still don’t have a fix for this issue.


Aw, that’s rough. Sorry that I have no answers for you…



I did a police pursuit and I was using car overlays and rotation and shift animations together and on the web previewer it looked perfect…but the app on the other hand was being super weird. On the app it showed the overlay disappearing whenever a rotation+shift is happening

Tbh I have no clue if this an error I made or if it’s a glitch with the app.