Issue with saving your story and preview the story

I save issue with the saving progress, there are sometimes that doesn’t save the chapter for an hour even if the chapter is already saved, please fix this issue it’s been a while now and I can’t write or preview my story

I don’t know why it happens but the same thing happens to me sometimes. Save your script in somewhere else i.e. word or google docs then try restarting your pc/laptop. Might be something to do with your network connection. :thinking:

I thought so too but it’s not. how I’m going to update a chapter if I can’t save the chapter first?

Hey, you need to save your story. Don’t “save and preview”, just save. Afterwards, you need to refresh your page and try to preview it again. It’s a constant bug on the portal unfortunately, which requires refreshing the page.

But I also have issue with saving the story too

Okay. What I usually do is I open another tab, open that same chapter which you’re having an issue with in that new tab, then copy and paste the new code which I’ve added to that chapter to the script opened in the other new tab and save it. That’s the only other option that you have left since it’s still not working hun.

Why they don’t fix that issue? It’s obvious that is the websites issue

They’re aware of it and have tried to fix it in the past, but it just keeps coming back.

I’m sure they’re trying to fix it in whatever way they can.