Issue with spot directing

I’m trying to have my character walk from one zone to another with the camera following her but it keeps giving me and

@follow CHAR to spot 0.726 268 209 in zone 1
is what i have,

and it gives me the error message

@follow CHAR to spot 0.726 268 209 in zone 1”

is not a valid directing command? like what?

I’ve tried getting rid of “to” and “in” in the code but it still gives me the same message- what do i do?


you need to have “walks to”


@CHAR walks to spot x y z in #


you can’t use the follow command for spot direction. you must have an pan happen concurrently with the character walking to another spot


Following Character to Spot in Different Zone:

  • The “follow” command is only valid for general positions (screen left, upscreen right, etc.)
  • To have the camera follow a character to a specific spot in a different zone, you will have to pan to that zone at the same time your character walks.

@CHARACTER walks to spot % x y in zone # in [time] and pan to zone # in [time]

From my guide here:


Okay thank you guys!! <333

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