Issues on my screen

Well I’m writing my first story and I’m using my tablet to write. The problem is whenever I’m done with coding like writing those stuffs on the interactive.comer and then I pressed the save and preview within a second after preasing that my screen zoomed to the place where I stopped coding i don’t know what to do is there any solution for this? Please tell me!

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Heyy :two_hearts: Even I use a phone… So what I do is press the screen for more than few seconds or so on the preview screen and not the at the place of script… This works for me and the screen remains as it is… So maybe it would even work on tablet I guess
Hope this helps if not sorry :pleading_face:

You mean like tapping the screen where it shows characters outfits right?
I tried it on the page but it just slowly moving there.

No I mean like holding the press for few seconds on the black preview screen where it shows "please be patient while we load your story "

so the problem is that it zoom’s somewhere else or…?
could you screenshot the problem or something :sweat_smile:

You mean on the Episode app ?

Portal where you preview your story

I still don’t understand :sweat_smile:

You have to press the place where you want to preview it from. I figured it out that way too.

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Is that worked for you?

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yes. So If you want to preview it form the very begging, you have to scroll all the way up, and tap on the line you want.

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