Issues on Script error

Please i need help as regarding my script
I typed this ; VIVIAN (eyeroll_sarcastic)
I hope am chosen

@transition fade out black 1

                            INT. BLACK - DAY

                            THE NEXT DAY 

Buh it keeps saying i cant have one character immediately following another , and when i checked where the error is , its pointing to the narrator’s line

Am confused , please help

Thanks in advance

I just woke up but I spotted the error haha.

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You need a punctuation mark at the end. Either lowercase most of it (ex. The next day) or add something to the end, like a period (.) or exclaimation mark (!) I bolded what needed to be added. The script is mistaking THE NEXT DAY for a character.

Thanks so much

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No problem, glad it’s been solved :yay:

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please i also need helps on calls , having two backgrounds and two characters on same screen , calling each other , please how do i go abt it

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hi !! you can try doing a collage of two backgrounds together. you can use the app Picsart for that :))

thanks so much

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