Issues with call scenes


Hey everyone , i was actually reading a story and came across these scenes , please i wana ask if anyone have the idea on how to do this.

Please help if you do have an idea about it

Thanks in advance

You have to make an overlay for the bottom (in the picture) screen
Then place the overlay on the scene and move the top character on a lower layer than the overlay and the bottom character on a higher one

I hope you understand :sweat_smile:

thanks so much but i dont really understand, please can you explain further

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What part don’t you understand?

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the overlay for the bottom and how to place the characters

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You have to choose a background, crop it and upload it as an overlay to make the bottom “background”

Well if the overlay is at layer 0, you have to put the character at the top at layer -1 and the character at the bottom at layer 1

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thanks i would try it


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