Issues with customization. 😭


Hey there.

I’ve notice that one of my customization scripts isn’t working correctly.
It saves with no errors, but when I play it doesn’t work right.

It lets you change everything correctly, but when I click “This is perfect” it takes me to a skin tone menu…

I copied this and it has worked perfectly for others…

By the way it’s in limelight.

Any suggestions?


Wanna try on phone app? Maybe it’s a glitch of previewer…or maybe not😅


Could you maybe provide a sample of the ending for this is perfect and perhaps the beginning of the template? :thinking:


You can also PM for help and I will try my 110% best to help you out in any way possible! :wink::sparkling_heart:


It’s all done guys :slight_smile: she emailed me the script. :slight_smile: it was a label issue.


Thank you all for the help, the problem is fixed. :blush::heart: