Issues with hug coding. Please help...!

I’m having issues coding this hug.

I think I have all the commands right, but it’s giving me this error still

Why is that?


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Try using
@PEARL faces right
Then use the spot helper :slight_smile:

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You need to remove the layers from the walking commands on the line of error. If you want them to walk and move to a different layer, you have to add “AND CHARACTER moves to layer #” on the same line.

@/PEARL walks to spot 1.28 204 0 and PEARL moves to layer 1 AND ROWEN walks to spot 1.280 126 0 and ROWEN moves to layer 0

Also, when a character is doing a rear animation, they have to face the opposite way. So PEARL needs to face left instead of right.

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Thank you very much Dara! You’re awesome!!!

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