It all started with a bra


Uh on episode 4 it’s stuck in a loop so I can’t get to episode 5


How I’m new to this forum stuff



Read the message. It’s telling you that the story isn’t complete, which is why you can’t move onto chapter 5.


Yeah but other people are able to… my sister was able to but I can’t ;(


Chapter 4 wasn’t meant to be published. It was published on accident, that’s why some people were able to read more episodes. Only episodes 1-3 were suppose to be out, but I guess someone messed up and accidentally published all the chapters.


Ohhh ok
Well thank you and hopefully they update it soon


I managed to read until chapter 15 before I got that message


I got to 12 now its stuck even though support told me it should bring me back to 4 and credit the passes


Closing as the original question has been answered :slight_smile: