It does not work


Am I the only one who can’t preview my story? It’s a huge issue for me, i can’t write without seeing what im doing. please help…


I would send episode a ticket and also welcome to the community!


Oh alright! Thank you! :heart:


Yeah np! Also if you need to preview your story you can always look at it in the app!


Oh yeah i know, i just want it to work on my computer as well :heart:


Okay :joy::sparkling_heart:


But thanks again tho! What’s your instagram? :heart:


@lag.epi :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:


That is weird. Have you tried previewing on your phone?


Yeah, it works on my phone but it does not work on my computer it did like 2h ago but now nothing is happening. It’s all blank and it says ‘‘downloading data (239874/238248)’’ so yeah idk… :confused:


Most likely a browser problem. Try refreshing the page or closing and re-opening the browser.


Iv’e tried that 78 times, still doesn’t work


Probably shut down your computer. Wait till tomorrow.


That’s actually been happening to a lot of users recently so you’re not the only one, i’ve been having that issue too. It’s probably a malfunction in the portal.


If you haven’t already, please submit a help ticket to our support team about this issue. :smiley:


Yeah, it’s happening to a lot of people. Also, welcome to forums!!


i can see everything mabey you can look at your episode app??