It is so hard to write

so ever since episode changed the preview buttons it is taking me forever to write the controls made everything so hard to do like yes the layer thing is so cool but god dang it is annoying having layer on everything like sometimes i dont want to layer and it layers with my spots and DONT even get me started on the camera like why it is so hard for me to use it didn’t make anything easy this is honestly so FRUSTRATING to write my story not to mention tedious


Omg, I felt this way for the first couple weeks. I was so annoyed everytime I used it and was constantly complaining, but now I’m used to it and almost back to normal. Don’t give up! It’s annoying, but you’ll get there!


thanks i’m trying so hard :blush:


I know how you feel. I was writing a story that i’m never going to publish and i had to do much layering and spot directing and it was so annoying.

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Was this on the Episode app or the Writing Portal?

I’m talking about the portal.

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Yeah that’s annoying which is why I’ll stick to my phone. :joy: Hopefully they won’t put it on the Episode app in the future :flushed:

I dont know how u can write on your phone. :exploding_head:

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Oh sry I wrote it wrong :joy: I use my phone to preview my story from what I wrote on the computer. But it is possible to write the stuff on the phone but I don’t use it very often. :sweat_smile:

What about spot directing and zooming and stuff? You open it up on your phone, not the previewer and just type in the numbers?

I’ve never tried doing the spot directing and zooming on my phone but you can type in the numbers if you know them I guess. I’ll just use a phone sometimes for the characters and animations.

You can try it and see just go to google/safari and type in Episode Interactive and sign in and go to your story.

I’m not sure what u mean. If I want to preview on my phone, I’d use the episode app. Haha.

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Yeah :slight_smile: I’m saying you can also write on the phone but I stick to writing on the computer and previewing on my phone :smile:

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Why don’t u use the previewer though on your computer? Its right there beside your writing.

It’s easier for me to use the phone with my hands than a mouse to put the spot, overlay, zoom,etc :joy:

Oh ok!

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Are you writing a story? :thinking:


Could you send the link I’m bored :joy: