It keep saying unexpected character and it won’t let me preview it

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the choice needs to go one line above, so on line 23 in this case. And you need to put one of these { after the “yes I did actually.”

Okay thank you

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Screen Shot 2020-10-20 at 10.00.43 AM like this

You need to have brackets { } for your choice.

Thank you i will ask if i need more help

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I need help here now

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Read up on this guide to help you out

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you can’t do that code in all caps:
@JUNE enters from left to screen left
@AMMY enters from right to screen right

You need to say whether they enter from left or right, and which spot on the screen their going

@Itsss_Nayaaa also you need to do @JUNE is react_startled_surprised
Or when your doing hugging or kissing animations, do: @JUNE starts hug_neutral_loop_rear
In the meantime I suggest you check out @Dara.Amarie’s basic directing guide or Joseph Evan’s tutorial

okay thank you

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Np! feel free to pm me if you need something

Okay it worked but now when I click preview it says previewing from line 4 but nothing pops up

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can you pm me your script and I’ll fix it? I’m seeing a lot of errors

how do I pm you my script

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Copy and paste your script into a private message


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