It Keeps Saying "Choices Must Follow Dialog Immediately, Not A Branch"!

So, I’ve already created a choice in episode one in the story I’m writing, but on my second, it keeps saying “Choices must follow a dialog immediately, not a branch”. I’ve looked at other topics for this, but they just aren’t helping.

YOU (think_rubchin)
(Stella’s pretty nervous–what should I do?)

readerMessage WARNING: this CHOICE will affect your relationship with Stella.

“Leave her be” {

    YOU (talk_shrug_neutral)
It's fine.

    YOU (talk_excited_happy)
Now, I heard they were handing out free donuts at the back of the building!!

    LILY (talk_flirt_charming)

    LILY (cheer_happy_loop)
Let's go!!

@STELLA is idle_awkward_uneasy_loop

gain chose_leave her be

} “Comfort her” {

    YOU (talk_smile_happy_loop)
Don't worry, we're all nervous.

@YOU is idle

    LILY (talk_agree_happy)

    STELLA (talk

    YOU (talk_excited_happy)
I also heard that they're selling donuts for only ten cents each!!


Put the reader message before the dialogue.

Thank you so much–it worked :)!