It’s almost Christmas!

I want to hear what you guys are hoping for, for Christmas this year! Seen as it’s literally almost a month away. I just wanna know how yall spend Christmas Day/Christmas time.

What are you hoping to receive this year, if you were to some how get anything you wanted?
I love socks, and blankets and anything warm; I’d love an oodie. (Long fluffy pj hoodie)

How do you spend the day on Christmas? Like, do you have Christmas dinner? Do you spend it with family(if covid wasn’t about lol) do you have any traditions?

sorry if this seems weird, I’m just very excited for Christmas and wanted to post on the forums. :heart:


for what I want, kinda nothing, I usually have money to buy it myself, though last year I was kinda impressed because I didn’t get anything I had said I wanted, I loved every single gift. showed my family really knew me

for traditions well normal traditions here in Denmark,

we celebrate Christmas 24 December with dinner, then play package game, its something evry buy some cheap gifts, then we all play with dice, about the gift if you get a 6 you can steal a gift from someone els. then there is the dancing around Christmas tree and the opening of actual Christmas gifts.

pictures of food

duck, caramelised potatoes, pork roast. pickled red cabbage

also usually on the 23 we eat rice porridge with cinnamon and butter, and an elf bear and leave a plate for santa clause with an elf bear, yes santa gets rice porridge and beer here in Denmark


and we usually make a big portion to have extra for ris a la man, which is rice porridge with cream, almonds and vanilla, and some cherry sauce on top, and we play a game with this, put one whole almond in, and who ever finds it gets a gift

what i want

uh, i got this new turntable that i used my money for (only a good $150 since it’s bluetooth and i didn’t need to buy the speakers) and my family has already bought me 10 records in all so that’s more than enough and i am so grateful. my mom enjoys the turntable so we share but i keep it since it was my idea and she is scared to put the records on lmfao​:pleading_face::sob:


we don’t have plans set in stone. but i may have convinced my family to take a road trip to buy food​:skull: and I’m pretty sure we’re gonna made desserts. the only “traditions” we ever had was going all out on decorations and not taking them down until two months after christmas ends. we used to open one late at night. most families wait until morning, but no. we did it during night time before christmas morning but still technically on the day lmfao. the rest are opened in the morning, but it’s not the same now that we’ve moved to california. no more snow​:sob::raised_back_of_hand:t2:


I want my boyfriend
He moved 800 miles away to find work and to get a house for us (he’s staying with his sister) I miss him so much

Don’t really have any besides getting dunkin donuts then as a family we would go chop our own tree down and then decorate while we listened to Christmas music


That sounds really fun tho! We don’t really do anything on the 24th, we have Dinner on the 25th, and do everything else on the 25th. It actually seems so fun in Denmark. Thanks for sharing!


I just couldn’t open my gifts at 12am, coz I normally wake up to them.
From reading all these, I’m gonna need to do some stuff on Christmas Eve, it sounds like so much fun; we just get a Chinese and treat it like a normal day :’(

I’m sure you can make new traditions in California girl :smiley:

dunkin sounds amazing tho, we don’t have that here but I know what it is. I’ve also never had a real tree, just the fake ones. Thanks for sharing, I actually really liked reading these

I want to spend time with my friends and family!

But if we’re talking about materialistic things… then I want loads of nail polish! :blob_sun: :blob_hearts:


yeah, but nothing has happened and we’re lazy🤷🏻‍♀️

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Oml. I can’t believe it’s Christmas already. The most terrible year of my entire life went so fast who would have thought?

Lot’s of my family r in different countries to mine, so I don’t think I can see them… it’s really sad. I think I’m gonna have to zoom Christmas Day. My bff will be at my house w my partner & me. I guess that’s good… I’m kinda wishing I lived w my parents now. Not being able to see them for Christmas sucks. I’ve ordered gifts for everyone and they’ve all arrived. I’m gonna have to send them over now, so weird…

My present from my sister has already arrived, she got me massive, singing elf shoes :speak_no_evil: it was rlly funny!! I hate turkey, personally so I usually have a nut roast. Usually, I follow traditions but I can’t rlly this year. But, on the bright side, it’s snowing loads rn where I am…

Hope u have an incredible Christmas, angel :white_heart:

Aw man; but atleast you have your partner and best friend! I know it’s not great or the same, but as you said this is the most terrible year. I’ve actually never heard of a nut roast. Omg, your so lucky! I’d die for snow right now, it hasn’t snowed here since 2018! I hope you end up having a great Christmas regardless girl. :heart:

Ty. U too. I guess I am super lucky I get snow sm in the Canadian winters :white_heart::cloud: (I can’t say I totally recommend a nut roast)

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I want this pandemic to end :neutral_face:


Same, girl, same…:pleading_face:

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Me too… ):

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OMG, is Christmas really coming soon? Already need to think about gifts? This year we will celebrate only with family because we are in quarantine. The children have already asked for gifts, but I am not sure what to give them. It’s describle to have a new nervous system.