It’s beyond me . character customization


Character customization.

  • I have absolutely no issue with the original character that authors design for his/her story. I actually prefer the original character that the author personally created for his/her story. It’s your vision . However when you decide to allow someone to customize a character, AND I mean the ones that allow for everything to be changed EXCEPT “ Skin Tone” I have an issue with that. So it’s okay to change everything about this character, except the color of the characters skin? This is how you connect with your character? How? The character you created is gone, every detail, except the characters skin tone. I have to be honest, that’s discrimination. You’re okay with every feature being changed except the complexion of the character. Take it how you want. I spoke my truth, AND I got time, let’s argue :woman_shrugging:t5:


Well it depends, say if MC’s background and ethnicity is specific, you can’t have an African background or family if MC is white, nor can MC have a full English if MC is black. But I see how you think it’s a bit pointless, the author should just let it have full CC or not have it at all. :heart::heart::heart:


I completely agree, why do people prevent readers from changing the complexion? That’s just wrong, sooo wrong!


I’ve read stories where you couldn’t change things like eye color, skin tone and hair color. Because the writer was having special art made and wanted the characters to somewhat look the same as the art. Or maybe if they are using overlays with limbs and stuff they will limit customization so it all matches. Or maybe a character has a certain background so the writer limits the customization so they look somewhat the same. I’ve never seen it done in a discrimination type way though.


Ditto. However I was loud and direct when I said “ The ones that allow for every detail to be changed except the skin complexion.” I agree with you. tbh: some don’t even realize they’re discriminating; but when you do see what I see, you’ll feel my vibe.


That’s a solid statement, and I agree.


Right? The complexion honestly doesn’t even matter. It’s the reason behind why authors don’t want the complexion changed.


i allow only limited customization for my character in my story because i think readers like that and they should have some choice in the matter. However I don’t allow changing their eye, skin, and hair color because I imagined my character a certain way and it is a part of her latina ethnicity. Like theres no way my character can be a blonde haired person and that is why i don’t allow that.


I’m writing a (currently unpublished) story with limited customization. My MC is a light-skinned black man living in 1920s Australia. For me, his race is an important component of both his identity and his backstory, and I don’t want to lose that by allowing full customization. However, I know a lot of readers prefer CC, so I offer the opportunity to change everything but skin color, eye color, lip color, and hair color (readers can choose hair style but the options are limited to black cultural styles).
In my opinion, if you like CC, this way still allows for some agency in designing your character, and if you dislike CC, then just don’t change anything anything and move on with it.


I see what your pointing at…:angry::angry::angry::angry::angry:
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That’s not true I know many people who r bi-racial and havr latina heritage! just 'cause they don’t don’t seem like it doesn’t mean they aren’t


thats true and I’m not even gonna argue with that because I agree, but for MY character she is supposed to look a certain way because of her heritage and how I imagined her. This is about my character specifically and why I allow limited cc for HER.


Exactly . It’s your character . Your image. Your choice. I didn’t say everyone. I said “ The ones that allow for everything to be changed except SKIN COMPLEXION” this post wasn’t meant to disrespect anyone, it’s just my thoughts and my truths. Honestly if you had a specific vision for your character, create your character and tell your story. It’s no need to argue. Please enjoy your day, and keep writing. I love to read.


I have always been the type to say either full customization or none at all… Limited seems a bit pointless? It’s almost like giving in to people who say they won’t read unless there’s customization.

In saying that though, I do have a story in the works with limited customization, but I only took out the things, like mature eyes, grey hair colour and mature lips, because it’s kind of weird to have an MC be in high school but look like a grandma :smile:

But that’s beside the point, because I think the most important feature to include in customization is the skin tone. And if you can’t change that for an art scene or for overlays, then don’t bother changing everything else. Just give hair and make up choices when MC gets dressed each day.


Skin tone can be important to the story. People may still want to customize their characters regardless of if the choice is present or not. I personally have no problem with it, as it semi-prevents readers from begging for customization.


I agree. :rofl: and yeah can’t have a grandma in high school. Lol


That’s true, however if skin tones important to the story, then so is the rest of the characters features. even if readers rebel, it’s your story, why you letting people dictate you? :weary: lol but that’s your opinion I respect it.


Well I happen to have a African American female character in my story whose skin color can’t be changed (as well as her hair color). It’s semi important to the story, and mostly because I wanted to portray a complex interracial relationship (the male love interest is caucasian). Yet I feel as though my readers would still be able to connect to her & her story. Her personality and character aspects and how they develop throughout the story all seem more important to me than just her skin tone.

And in some stories, the skin tone is a reflection of the environment or culture the MC lives in. A MC of Dutch heritage from the Netherlands would most likely not have dark skin, just like a Indian MC from South India wouldn’t be likely to have pale skin or vice-versa.

I do see where you’re coming from, but, I feel like readers can still connect to a character regardless of their skin tone/complexion.


That was beautiful to read. It really doesn’t matter, it’s about the creativity and imagination that the author put into the characters for the story, that’s the purpose of the character, to tell a story And I believe a lot of readers forget it’s about the authors story not the characters appearance.


But, you can program the episode for the family to share the MC’s skin complexion.