It’s Complicated - Roleplay


Name : It’s Complicated

Description : Levi Winters, the school’s popular jock is faced with 4 girls EXTREMELY in love with him. He has an arch-enemy: Zayn Coleman. Who will win who’s heart?

Characters :

MAIN CHARACTER : Levi Winters (ME) @benaiah.episode

ENEMY : Zayn Coleman - @SilverStar


Stella Hastings @16AngelCat
Taylor Gonzalez
Darcy Elizabeth @LovingLostCities
Vera Blossom @AtlasFlameAi
Levi’s Best Friend :
Jason Ackerman

Zayn’s Best Friend :
Max Lodge - @Wingsoffire

Football Team :

Steven Rae
Max Lodge
Zayn Coleman
Levi Winters
Jeremy Pierce
Jason Ackerman

Cheerleading Team :

Laun Mckenzie
Vera Blossom @AtlasFlameAi
Stella Hastings @16AngelCat
Brooke Wood @Alexwrites

General Plot :

Four girls have a crush on Levi and as the story progresses, the time will come for the girl to be chosen. Zayn is one of Levi’s enemies and he wants all the girls to like him. Both the boys are currently single. You can choose to be any of the girls. The cheerleading characters and the football team characters help shape the storyline and are not main characters.

Choose who you want to be!


Reserve for Darcy Elizabeth
Who are the main characters?


The main characters are : Levi (me), Zayn, Zayns best friend and Levi’s best friend


oh, can i chose only one person?


Yes. But if there is a lack of characters in the next few days, I will let u choose up to 3 characters :slight_smile:




Have you chosen :slight_smile:


Huh? Oh yes Darcy elizabeth


Okay :slight_smile: I’ll update the cast now :slight_smile:


Are there captains on the cheer leading team?


If not, I’ll be Brooke Wood. :slight_smile:


Welcome to the RP/SG section Benaiah! I’m Mehek and uh since I do this for most new RPers, I’ll just walk you through some real quick basics in the subsection ^-^

This is our How to RP/SG Guide. It covers the basics of how we roll here :slight_smile:

Here’s the New Ideas Thread. We post our RP ideas here to test for interest before we create signups to both make sure the section isn’t full of RPs that don’t happen and save RP creators time so they don’t spend a ton of time on something that doesn’t end up happening.

Generally, we recommend creating a signup form for your RPs so people can add character info. This can be either a Google Form or just something on the thread that looks a bit like this-

Forums Username:
Character Name:
Age (if necessary):
Plot Adds/Character Secrets (if necessary):
Additional Info (for things like tattoos, piercings, scars, etc.):
Anything Else? (for RPers to ask you any questions/add anything they want to tell you):

Signup forms help add a little bit of depth to the characters and it makes them more fun to play.

If you’ve ever got any questions, things you need clarified, or any help with anything, feel free to message me or another RP oldie at any time. Once again, welcome to our lil subsection/cult/family! I hope you enjoy it here :slight_smile:


Hi! If I can, Can I be Zayn?


Can I please be Stella?


Can I be Max Lodge

Fallen is my knight


There aren’t any captains :slight_smile:








Yes you can be max