It’s just an illusion regrets


How many of you have read miss them just new story it’s just an illusion regrets it is amazing am still in shock of what happened Also check out miss MJ is series chain reaction, chain reaction King,chain reaction lost be also check out miss MJ Other series which are it’s just an illusion and it’s just an illusion captive


Love it :heart_eyes:


I like Maria, the marriage counselor. She’s genuine and…normal LOL…


You Should Read “Chain Reaction”(The Original)Then “Chain Reaction:King Theo”,Then “Chain Reaction:Lost”, Then “It’s Just An Illusion”,Then “It’s Just An Illusion:Captive”,Then “It’s Just An Illusion:Regret” It Will Give You A Understanding Of The Whole Story From Begging To End In The Order I Put It In💞


i have read all of miss mj stories in order and even her very first one intoxicating kisses


When will chapter 21/22 of regrets be out I understand Miss mj had death in family just really looking forward to next episodes since Rick was shot at end of 20


Soon she is having some approval problems