It’s my birthday tomorrow


I can’t wait and I’m so lucky because it’s the day before Friday the 13th :joy::joy::blush::blush::grinning::grinning:


Really? Omg happy birthday hunnnn :cake:


Thank you :cake: when’s your birthday?


10th November :birthday:


Have a good birthday!


I wish you all the food in the world that day


ahhhhhhhhhhhh happy early bday my emo duckling. @Helpieme


emo ducks

ahhhhhhhhhhh speaking of, since my virtual wedding is tomorrow, I’m gonna give you shout out on ur bday!!!


emo ducks


Congrats for your wedding ?? :joy:




Yay emo ducks :duck::duck::duck::duck::duck::duck::duck::duck::duck:


What’s your horoscoptic sign?


I sure hope so :joy::joy:


Aww thank you :pray:t2:


Scorpio bit idk if I believe in them or not :woman_shrugging: :sparkling_heart:


I don’t think I do I believe in like what your eye color shows about you and all that though xoxo :two_hearts::cake::pray:t2:


Ahhhhhh wakanda sista that’s my daughters wedding!!!


Also happy birthday girl enjoy it!!!


Your daughter is getting married online.
That’s the sweetest thing a girl can do to her Mom’s wallet tbh


:joy: yes it was love at first click I have to say I’m a young wife and mother for sure. Being 16 and all. Not to mention how I’m a grandmama.


16 years old and grandma ?
Honey your life is a MTV reality show.

May the odds be ever in your favor