It’s my birthday tomorrow


Thank you! :joy:


Happy early birthday!


HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY!!! :birthday::balloon::tada::gift: I hope you have a nice birthday!


Happy Early birthday girl!


Happy Early Birthday, Queen :wink::gift:
I don’t celebrate mine because I’m not a fan of birthdays lol, sometimes my mom says “we are gonna celebrate yours” in my mother tongue of course since she doesn’t know English, but honestly, to me, it’s just another random day :sunglasses::blue_heart:
I hope you enjoy and make lots of wishes xoxo :gift::gift::gift::gift::gift::gift::gift::gift::gift::gift:


Happy birthday :joy::birthday::birthday:


Happiest Birthday!:blush:


Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to youuu,
Happy Birthday dear Katie,
Happy Birthday to youuu!

Here is your cake :birthday:
Make a wish!


Happy birthday!
Since I don’t have a cake, I’m giving you a taco! :taco: :taco: :taco:
Who wants cake when you can have tacos?





Ahhh HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Enjoy your day and have a day filled with luck :cake: :balloon:


Im so freaking late and this popped up in my notification just now lol. Anyways Happy Birthday!