It’s story time! Episode interactive style! Group

Come join my best friend and sister MidnightMaiden 's Facebook group:

It would mean a lot to us, and thanks if you do <3 :nerd_face: :blue_heart:

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So…what are you waiting for?! JOIN US… :smiling_imp: :icecream:



Bump :wink:

Bump! :woozy_face:

Come join, I’m part of it :crazy_face: :firecracker:

Hi my name is leshell nice meet you

Did you join the Facebook Group? :slight_smile: :heart:

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I have face book

OK, that’s cool, but this thread isn’t asking if you have Facebook or not, it’s for telling people if they want to join, that’s cool and much appreciated and if they don’t, it’s fine, we understand.

P.S sorry if I come off as rude, that was so not my intention, it’s hard to convey your feelings online AND I really love your Profile Pic BTW :sweat_smile: :revolving_hearts:

Thank you

I will help you out ok

Thank u, u don’t have to, sorry about how I acted, I’m an idiot, I’m still cranky from crying this morning I guess :see_no_evil: :revolving_hearts:

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But why you are nice person for style long hair with wave. Style hair cut with curls .

OK, so if it’s what I think you mean, then in response, I say =

Hmm, So I’ve been doing a braid my whole life, when I open my hair it looks wavy/curly (it’s long, black) but then when I take a shower it becomes kinda straight. Unfortunately, episode doesn’t have the type of braid my hair is done in (for both ink and limelight) but that’s OK. BTW I love short hair a lot but would never cut my hair :rofl:

I’ll probably end up off going off topic so if u want to talk more, feel free to PM me :smile:

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that be ok

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Bump <3 <3 <3

I’d join but I don’t use facebook :sleepy:

OMG TY for commenting, i just remembered MidnightMaiden had so much going on so she deleted the group, it doesn’t exist anymore :heart:

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@Sydney_H may you close this thread please and thank you? :smile:


Closed by OP request. :smiley: