It’s time to say goodbye

Hello, my beautiful people!

You were my family, really. A big, twisted and colorful family. Consisted of different people, unique, and at the same time similar in one important concern… love to write. You were like friends to me. The kind of pals I could always ask anything. Those who could make me laugh even when I had the worst possible day. For me, you were more than just talented writers, acquaintances from the Internet. You were a part of my life and I thank you for that from the depths of my heart.

My goal when I’ve come here was not to RP. First, I wanted to write my own story, which had never happened (as you can see, I am a bog quitter). However, among the creators on Episode, I met really great people who became my friends… unfortunately, not for forever. But despite this, I still lacked something, I didn’t feel well enough and then, I found RPing.

That was it. Definitely. I’ve seen posts from this section before, but I’ve never paid special attention to them, only later they began to interest me more and more. At first, I was scared. I wasn’t 100% sure I knew what it was all about, and besides, I was never the best at writing. However, whoever does not risk, does not drink champagne, so I decided to take a chance! Although I don’t like alcohol at all.

My first attempts to RP were… well, definitely not the best, but you always have to start somewhere. As far as I remember, my first good encounter with RPing was the creation of Robert Wilson for Reverse Speed-Dating created by Cali - I knew right away that you were important to this community!

Then it all started, there were more characters, more stories, more friendships and lots of fun! And even if I took a shorter or longer break, I was always coming back… I couldn’t leave this place. I wasn’t able to. I think back to all this with a huge smile. RPing, it was really it. For me, as a person who loves theater and becoming different characters, it was something completely unreal and wonderful. I did not think that I would find a hobby that I would love, despite some hard moments and lack of inspiration.

Now it’s time for personal thanks. I’m sorry if I forgot someone. You are all important to me, even if I have never written with you or was not given a chance to RP with you, you were creating this amazing place and without you, it would be sad and empty…

  • @BlueInferno - thank you, you were one of the nicest, the kindest, the smartest, the most talented person on here. I’m glad I was able to meet you,

  • @AnimeOtome - oh, girl. I love you! You are my friend, my talented, wonderful friend. Without you, I wouldn’t have so much fun here! For that thank you. #Jazel,

  • @Tellyg47 - my forum fake boyfriend! I’m sad I wasn’t able to RP with you more. I’m still glad I could at least get to know just a bit. I hope that WANTED will be forever in your heart,

  • @amberh.episode - SLKSICAGM, you are one of my favorite people here! You are a bit crazy like me and I love fangirling with you! I hope we will still keep in touch! Deville x Lucius is my OTP!

  • @CrazyCaliope - you were the first person to help me, to teach me… you were always there for me and for many others… you are a true gem. Thank you for everything you have done for this community. It wouldn’t be the same without you,

  • And many, many others.

I know those could have been longer but there are no words to explain how I feel when it comes to you, guys!

Yes… I didn’t think I would ever do it. Really. At least not so early, when I wanted to not only participate in RPs but also start creating them. But I don’t have much of a choice… I have to leave. The RP section was the only thing that kept me here, but now that it disappears, I must disappear too. My heart is breaking at the thought of what had happened. All our hard work put into making this place one of the nicest and loved parts of this forum, will fall apart… in a second. It’s awful to see how something you’ve been working on for so long can disappear so quickly. And in addition, we don’t even know the real reason. Disrespect is probably what Episode likes the most.

I will end my statement optimistically. You can still see me, you know where. I’m not done with RPing! I will still create and write!

Maybe I’ll be back here again someday?

But even if it happens, I know that without you this place will never be the same again.


Best regards,

Marta aka SilverRose ~ one last time :wilted_flower:

I’m still going to post for all of my characters on @Briar.R’s topic, such a good idea, by the way!


I’ll see you on the forum-that-shall-not-be-named. Sad so many amazing people are leaving because of this.


is it bad that i laughed at this in a situation like this?

anyways, even though we didn’t interact much, i’m excited for the future. i hope we can cross paths on you-know-what forum again — i remember when i joined your sorority RP! you have improved so much!


See you there! And… yeah, it’s quite depressing.

Hah, maybe? I’m sad about people leaving this place but I understand why they are doing this.

I hope we will meet there! Haha, I think I did… thank you, it’s truly nice to hear!


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