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Good morning/night/afternoon episodians!

So, as we all know, the trending is FULL with these sort of stories:

  • Bad boy romances
  • Crime
  • Fifty shades of grey wannabe’s
  • Pregnant by my _____________
  • Baby daddy affair

I did make a poll about this once (which will be linked), however I have ideas for more polls where YOU, yes you, can have a say.

  1. Bad Boy / Crime Stories-Basically there’s a bad boy who says “I’m too dangerous, it’ll never work out” the girl tries to not fall in love, they end up falling for each other and bam fifty shades of grey.

  2. Good boy / reasonable stories - Where There’s your PERFECT match and you too have ups and downs, massive downfall happens, you two don’t talk for weeks or years and then bam he does something special and you two live happily. But he’s not a bad boy and has nothing to do with crime.

  3. In the middle - This one is where it’s balanced and here it is in a nutshell: You’re depressed, your dog died, everyone hates you, try to kill yourself, then when you move to the campus college you meet this girl strangely blah blah blah - you become best friends and fall in love in ep 7 / 10 / 12 and in the end you two have kids.

  4. Neither. Just real life war / police / cafe / growing up / schools without that blonde hair and blue eyed bully / generally everyday things.


  • Bad boys / Crime
  • Good boys
  • In the middle
  • Neither

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Next topic!

This is about stories focusing on the MC’s gender.

Would you guys rather:

  1. Female MC. Just as every their story, a female main character.

  2. Male MC. Rareley ever seen male main character. (Good Story With male MC - Blank Page)

  3. Transgender MC. A story with either a girl or boy wanting to be the opppsite gender to what they are.


  • Female MC
  • Male MC
  • Transgender MC

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Next topic!

What genre would you like to see more in the trending sections?


  • Romance
  • Fantasy
  • Horror
  • Action
  • Mystery
  • Drama
  • Hollywood

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Thank you, next! oof

How would you like each genre page to be set out?

  1. Newest stories showing up first - So, the most recent stories of that genre showing in the trending and below that.

  2. Oldest stories showing up first - Same thing as the 1st one, just the oldest stories showing up first.

  3. Most read stories - Again, just the most read stories showing up first.

  4. Recommended stories - Stories that episode recommends you read because you read this other romance story (example) showing up first.

  5. Quality stories - Stories based on their quality, so basically on how good the directing is, music, storyline, etc. (Not in poll cause it was a recommendation)


  • Newest
  • Oldest
  • Most Read
  • Recommended

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That’s it for my thread! Leave anymore polls that are related to this topic down below! <33

If you made it this far, then congrats amigo.


Other Poll I made about bad boys - good boys - and in the middle


Last question is little confusing :sweat_smile: I can’t agree with any of them …

What would you choose then if you didn’t have to pick?

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I want them to be set by their quality

Ah, that’s a good one.

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