It says error but doesn't show what happened

Can you help me?
It says ERROR but it doesn’t show what the error is.
It says there is a script error. But I can’t find any errors.
Please help me on this matter.
Thanks in advance


This is part of the scenario

Can you show the full script?


Is there a red X box beside any particular line? Copy your script to a separate doc, refresh the portal then Ctrl+A, erase and replace with your copy and save - see if that fixes the error with no message.

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I’m pretty sure that on line 9 the part where you wrote: if (big_fav = “Whatever you wrote here”){


Should actually say: if (big_fav is “Whatever you wrote here”){


So you’re supposed to put “is”, not “=” after “big_fav”.

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Hello, thank you very much for your answer, sorry for bothering you.

I did what you said, but it still says ERROR.
It doesn’t show what my error is, there is no X next to any line.

Rayna via Episode Forums <>, 16 Şub 2024 Cum, 06:12 tarihinde şunu yazdı:

This is part of the senario


Do you mind coping and pasting you coding and messaging to me privately since I noticed you have some blocked out and so that I can run it in to my own script just to be extra cautious so I can help

Do you have a symbol like that in your script somewhere? :hugs:

error x

Not sure if this matters but try putting a space after the if
if (big_fav…)


I can say that there are no coding errors or software errors in the scenario I wrote.

It doesn’t work, it still says ERROR

I can say that there are no coding errors or software errors in the scenario I wrote.

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Nowhere in my script is there an X symbol next to the line number
Refreshing and re-saving does not solve the problem

I would suggest submitting a support ticket

I did

They usually get back to you within 48 hours - though it’s a weekend so it might take until Monday to get a response.

In the meantime, you can start a “New Story”, copy and paste your script to it and continue to work on the script while waiting for them to sort out the issue with the original. When it’s fixed, copy-paste your new work into your original so you don’t lose time you could be working on the story :slight_smile:

Do you think the problem will be solved?

You can try.

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Are you missing a closing bracket?