It says I have an error, but I don't know how to fix it!


This is part of my script that I’m having trouble with.

@YOU enters from left to spot 0.988 234 78 in zone 1, AND YOU faces right, AND YOU moves to layer 0

It says I have an error, but I have no clue what the failure is. I need to put it on a specific layer because I don’t want it overlapping other characters. It’s a warning saying, ‘Use @CHARACTER enters from X to screen Y.’

I need desperate help. Thank you!


Take off the comma


I tried. It still said the same thing.


Spot @YOU offscreen and then do:
@CHARACTER walks to spot x y in t in zone #


This is what I’ve got so far…


t means time not layer.

Do something like this:
@YOU moves to layer 0
@YOU walks to spot 0.988 234 78 in 3 in zone 1



@YOU walks to spot 0.988 234 78 in zone 1 in 3


It did work, but it came from the wrong side. She entered from the right side, when I wanted her to enter from the left side. I tried adding ‘@YOU enters from left to (spot), etc’, but it gave me an error. How do I make her enter from the left?


You need to spot her ofscreen👌


how do I do that?


Use the spot helper👌
It will look something like this ( Those are just some random coordinates):
@CHARACTER spot 0.989 -145 -36
Place this code before the code where she enters


thank you! x


You’re welcome :smile: