It shows DIFFERENT display name in the app! Please help! :'(

So i have the problem that when i play the story in the app one character suddenly has a different display name (it’s PL3), though the display name in the episode writer’s page shows the normal name. can you tell me what this problem is and how i can fix it?

did you give an option to name the character? If not and your display name is saved don’t worry it’s probably a glitch :slight_smile:

no i didn’t give an option. oh thank god :joy:

Just double check if your display name is saved in the character creation :slight_smile:

it is, but still some readers claim that they suddenly start seeing a new display name for that certain character… is this really just a glitch?

Did you check display name for your character? Is it right? I would send a support ticket if it is.

so i also checked that again and it didn’t change… but thank you for your help though! i submitted a request to episode :slight_smile:

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