It Started With A Bra


So I’m currently reading episodes new story “It Started With a Bra” and in the beginning you can choose a boy or a girl so because of my sexuality, I chose the girl. The first 3 of chapters were fine, but once I got to the fourth chapter the “she’s” turned into “He’s” and the clothing changed to males clothing and it doesn’t fit. Is anyone else who choose a same sex love interest having this same problem? It’s kinda annoying how they give you a choice then switch it up into its typical default.


Hmmm, no one has mentioned this before on the forums (that I have seen at least). Not sure if this is supposed to happen or not. Best thing I can recommend is to submit a ticket to the Episode support team to see if they have an answer regarding this. Thanks!


I’ll try it out. Thank you!


These are pictures showing my problem. Her name went from Alex to Alec


This would explain why on chapter 12 it’s telling me that story wasn’t completely finished past episode 3 and just loops


I’m having the exact same issue.


It looks like whoever directed those episodes completely fucked up the if/elif/else codes for those lgbq branches :roll_eyes: and whoever is in charge of that story didn’t pay attention and published anyways. The best thing to do is submit a ticket so that they can let the people working on that story know about the issue.

EDIT: It turns out that only chapters 1-3 were suppose to be published. But someone messed up and accidentally published all the unfinished chapters as well.


Lol the directing on the kiss.
From the screenshots I’ve seen, the directing on the female version looks sloppy whereas the male version has been done very well.


I have the same problem


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