It Starts With A Bra Appreciation Thread


There’s been a lot of hate for “It Starts With A Bra” but I personally love the story so this is a thread to appreciate the story.
Please do not post in here with negative comments as this is an appreciation thread for the people who do like the story.
I know @Eleanor_W-15 & @DuhTacos like it too.
So what do you like about it?
I love the plot, I find it funny and I find Alec the bad boy sexy as hell. I love the ongoing prank war between the MC and Alec throughout the story.
& I am really enjoying the plot and glad that it recently got updated with more episodes.


I forgot to mention that I LOVE the cover art.


The variations of pranks in the story is the only thing that has me hooked up. And, of course, the ‘if-you-are-18-or-above-then-only-you’d-understand’ puns and jokes :joy:


I love the variations of the prank and there are a lot of cheeky and funny elements that make this story one of my absolute faves, it’s funny and romantic at the same time.


It’s funny and I really enjoy it. You can tell it’s not serious so I really like to be able to just read it and have fun.


Agreed! Also the male nudity isn’t half bad either . Haha.


I love It Starts With A Bra. I also could tell that it’s not meant to be taken serious. The connection that the MC and Alec have is kind of cute. I can’t wait for more episodes! :blush:


I read it all in one breath :smiley: I totally love the story :joy: And their pranks :rofl:


The romance, the pranks!
It is everything!
Honestly it’s one of my fave featured stories.


Mine too! :smiley:


i’m not very convinced it’s a great story. could you point out some positive aspects of it?


I personally love the romance that is developing between Alec and the MC.
The prank war between them is hilarious.
Another thing I love is that it is a bad boy story with a new twist which is always fun.
& I think it’s perfect for episode readers who want a more mature story. :slight_smile:


It’s totally hitting my fave genre which most people love which is the romance, bad boys genre. :slight_smile:


what type of pranks do they do to each other ?
and what would you say the twist is ?




Can everyone only read 4 of the 16 episodes?

It’s better than I expected, more comedy than trashy romance.


The episodes aren’t done but were accidentally released.
They’re not entirely finished yet



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