It starts with a bra... (i hope some ppl find this funny)


okay so i know im late af to this but i thought id play “it started with a bra” and upload screenshots with some of my thoughts to make a summary (idek if that makes sense lmaoaooao)

okayY here we gooooo.

okay so we start off by choosing a name. i feel as if this name is appropriate for this situation. :roll_eyes:

ummm wtf is wrong with you? i sure as hell hope not…

okay violet, you need to shut your ass up girl. jesus…

okay violet listen, u look insane with that fake ass hair color and your clothes you probably got from a thrift shop for your broke ass. so no that wink was 1572% N O T for you.

oml okay wtf? who in the lords name stands in front of their window COMPLETELY NAKED while reading a book? i know what you’re up to you dirty pi-


bro you must be on something to think that im walking into your damn house to get my bra back after YOU BROKE INTO MY HOUSE TO TAKE IT. BITCH IM CALLING THE POLICE

wow the one choice in this story that makes logical sense…

bitch you’re outta your mind if you think im buying 20 DAMN GEMS FOR THIS STUPID A-

how bout i hang you on the damn pole…


violet get tf outta here help me jesus omshkshdn


another 20$ choice :roll_eyes:

oh shit grab your tea because im about to knock the living shit outta him.

andddd that’s it for now. this sounded so much better in my head but i hope it was funny. i hope this isn’t offensive to anyone who liked the story lmao. lmk if yall want more okay byeeeeee :wave:


You should do that about in my bed!


omg I definitely will :joy:




Sad part is that he legit looks like Shane Dawson. I want to die.


Dead lmaoo