It starts with bra - bug

I finished the 15th episode and started 16th. But it gave me more than 10 tickets and opened 4th episode. How can I fix it?

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Same happened to me when story came out :weary: Now I stay on chapter 4, because I can’t read all those chapters again.

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Hello @Merve, sorry to hear about your issue. :frowning: This has been a reoccurring problem with It Starts With a Bra. One player had an explanation here, but I would suggest submitting a help ticket to the support team anyway. They’d be happy to help you with this. :smiley:

im really sorry this has happened to you. i finished the story and had no problems with the story myself because i started reading it when it first came out and i have never had a problem like this with any story so i suggest to send in a support ticket and the episode team will help you but be warned that sending in support ticket will help but they will take time to respond to it so be paitent

Thank you all :blush: