It warms my heart when I see guys who write/read on Episode


Ashehbwbsjd you are my idol :dizzy_face::dizzy_face::dizzy_face:


So the other day, I thought it would be fun to teach my boyfriend how to code since he’s suddenly become interested in why I’m always on my laptop… His “story” if you could even call it that was very different, but amazing? Uhhhh… Let’s just say that whilst I believe we need more males on here writing, he’s not the right fit for the job :joy:


I didn’t think I was known enough to be that. Thanks! :grin:


For starters Episode should write a story with a male MC.
Secondly they should write something that is not crap.


Oh man! I want to see it! :joy:

Cut him some slack~ Starting out is rough :laughing: Maybe if you have him write three episodes of a story idea he has and then you give him one of your insightful reviews he could improve enough to publish!


Check out Razors by my buddy @JackAttack95
He is too modest to promote himself :smile:


Trust me, you don’t :roll_eyes: It broke way too many guidelines in just the first few lines. All he wanted to do was make his character say swear words :speak_no_evil:


Lmao! Oh boy, we have enough of that in published stories now :laughing: With the way Episode handles broken guidelines his story would fly under the radar.


Lol, he’d probably start trending :rofl:


Where’s the lie though?! :rofl:


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