It won't let me preview my story?

Okay so I tried to preview a script from my story and it gives me this weird thing. Help please?! IMG_20180701_031524|374x500

I cannot open the pic, but it’s probably an error that the scrip isn’t showing.
If you’re doing it by pc first try to refresh the pag, if it still doesn’t work try to open it on the phone versione, since that more than once it showed me an error that the error finder on the computer didn’t notice me about.

Thank you for trying to help, but it still sadly won’t work and has this weird text-thing popped up over it. I’ll just open it on the phone version. ! also, I have no clue why the image won’t show.


here is the picture I tried to send. ^^

Something similiar happened to me too. I just left it all there when even the mobile phone version didn’t work and left Episode for a while. When I came back, it was working.
I don’t know if that’s your case, since they always told me I have a really lucky ass.

According to Jeremy:


Restarting your PC/Mac
  • A different Browser (Chrome is recommended)
    -Clear Browser Cache
    -A different internet network
    -Disabling any browser extensions or addons that could be causing this

OR, it might just be your wifi.
I hope this helped!