Italian help please!?

Hey, Italians have different names for pronouns right? (E.g. Bello masculine Bella feminine) If their talking to the opposite gender, Do they address the opposite gender by their pronoun? Here’s a line that i’m using;

Èstato bello vederti, zio

A female is saying this to a male what should I change?
Anyone who speaks Italian, share your thoughts!

Are you trying to say… “It was good to see you, uncle”?
I have seen Zio used to mean close friend or mentor.

I would say…
È stato un piacere vederti, zio.

Keep in mind I’m only a first generation American (both parents Sicilian).

Thank you so much but my characters are from Brescia. Is it still accurate?

It may be different. In Brescia they speak the Eastern Lombard dialect. If I remember correctly it’s heavily influenced by German.

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Italian here, yes it’s correct.

No matter the gender of who said: " è stato bello vederti, zio" since the uncle is male.

If you need help with other Italian stuff, you can check this out:

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Ah thank you! :smile:

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