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Hey guys! As I’m writing a story about Italy, Italians, real mafia and I’m not from Italy I need help. I know you’ll say that I shouldn’t write something I don’t know about but I have been in Italy about 4 times and I just love culture, food and people there so I want to write story about it. There are 2 MC’s. Mario and Sofia.
They are both from Italy so I need to know about culture there. Sofia is from Naples (Southern Italy) and Mario is from Bologna (Northen Italy) i heard that they have some different cultures so I’d like to hear about it.

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tysm :heart:

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i just don’t want to portray any of things wrong

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I’m from northern Italy, so I can help you out a bit!

  • We don’t have that “italian” accent everyone I’ve met here in America asks me about lol.
  • The mafia didn’t start in the north, but I believe it eventually spread there.
  • Ragù alla Bolognese came from Bologna.
  • A lot of people in Northern Italy like to go skiing (dolomites is a popular destination)
  • Most people in Friuli, Italy speak German as well as Italian.
  • People in Bologna can speak Bolognese which consists of slangs
  • A lot of people in Italy can speak English fluently.

Since I’m from Milan (Milano) and not Bologna, I can’t help you a lot, but feel free to ask if you have any more general northern Italy questions.

Non conosco nessuni italiani bolognesi nei forum, ma se sei uno, correggimi per favore, anche io sono curiosa :joy:


thank you!! we can try and make this fun to u too…so whats ur favourite meal?

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Of course! This is stereotypical, but I obviously love pizza and pasta lol. Polenta (which is kind of like cornmeal I believe) is really good too! Some other foods I like are focaccia (which is a bread), risotto allo zafferano (yellow rice), pasta al tartufo (truffles) and gnocchi! My dad likes carbonara, but I never really liked it that much.


i love carbonara tho…i heared there is 2 kinds one with red and one with white sauce! thank u for everything sm! I’ll try not to bother again!:heart:

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You’re right! There’s the red and white sauce one. I’m always happy to help, and you’re not bothering me. If you have any other questions I’ll answer!

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