Italian translations


Hey episodians!
Recently I’ve noticed that a lot of authors are creating and inserting italian characters to their stories so, since I’m italian I’m willing to help every author that wants to translate correctly some sentences in my first language.
I could help even with french and spanish.
DM me if interested on instagram ( lady_cannella_episode)
It’s obviously free, just need a little bit of credit in your creations.
Thanks you all😊

Italian, french & spanish translations!

I don’t need it now, but I’ll be sure to ask when I need it since my story might incorporate some french in it. This is a great idea! :heart:


I may ask you for some help soon!


Thank you😊


This is amazing, thank you :wink:
Italian is my dream language to learn and Italy is my dream place to go :heart_eyes:


I’m sure you’ll learn it :wink: and well travelling is amazing! I hope you’ll go in Italy someday​:blush: thank you​:kissing_heart:


Thanks :grin::orange_heart:


Can you help me translate these to french?
Sorry if it’s a little strange, I’d definitely credit you in the end of the episode. (By Instagram or forum username?)
Why are you looking there? What is so important? Is the wall gold?
You live a very privileged life. Your family has wealth, and you live in a beautiful house. Do you know what’s happening outside your bubble? Food rations, poor people living with criminals…
Uhh… I don’t understand what you’re saying.


1)you can credit me with my instagram name.
2) Pourquoi es tu en train de regarder là-bas?
Qu’est-ce que c’est tellement important?
Est-ce que le mur est en or?
Tu vis une vie très privilégiée.
Ta famille était riche et tu habites dans une
maison magnifique.
Est-ce que tu sais ce qui se passe dehors de ta
Rationnement de repas, pauvre gens qui vive
avec des criminels.
Uhh…Je ne comprend pas ce que tu es en train
de dire.

Voilà! These are the sentences😊


oh my god, thank you so much! I will definitely credit you, and I’ll make a splash for it!


Thanks😍, it was my pleasure😊


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Some phrases I wish for you to translate and I will most definitely credit you!

“Your eyes tell me a story I want to be in.”

“From the second I met you, you took my breath away.”


oooooo those are noice 1-liners :wink:


Thank you, hopefully my MC finds her love interest smooth when he says these to her :joy:


lmao ofc :laughing:


:sunglasses::sunglasses: you get me


aye mami


In which language?:sweat_smile: