Italy City Structure and Italian Attractions Help

So, if anyone is familiar with Italy can anyone tell me the cities that people go to?

I could look it up, but for instance, In a story of NYC you’d put “oooh Manhattan” but I don’t know the structure of Italy and I don’t want to write a popular attraction equivalent to Disney Land or a unreasonable trip like we’re going to Los Angeles everyday, yet you live in Florida.

Also, if possible, can you list the name of the area that a community of Black Italians would reside. (This is impossible to look up)


It depends a lot! All the bigger cities are somehow similar, but they also have their differences! Like (almost) every Italian city has a lot of museums to visit, but each of them has their particular monument (examples: Milan, Duomo; Torino, Mole Antonelliana; Bologna, the two towers; Venice, I think everyone knows etc…) I’m talking about northern cities because I’m from the north of Italy and can’t talk about what I’ve never seen
Milan for example is known for its fashion, and most of other cities are known for their particular food
So it really depends on what you need

I’m sorry for this confusion but I don’t really know what to say without more informations :sweat_smile:


Heyo! I’m Italian if you want to PM me I can give you some information.


Rome, if you want to see the Colosseum
Pisa, if you want to see the Leaning Tower
Milan, for fashion week & designer clothing
Venice, for the gondolas and waterways
Florence, for the wine tasting & vineyards
Pompeii, see the remains of the people who dead during the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius


I would also check out this article from a woman of color about her experience studying abroad in Italy.


I like this explanation, You evaluated on which part is which so it’s not like I say oh Florence is known for shopping.

I actually think there museum can work, it’s not like I have to go over every structure, thank you for this.

What’s left was how is Italy structured, I’m looking up the rural and urban parts of Italy. I don’t want to pick every place as something flashy. Also, the communities in it.

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