Itha's Outfit Contest, Round 1: VOTING

Hello once again!
If you don’t know what this thread is, I advise you to go check out the original here:
Outfit Contest: ONGOING

Okay judges, this is your moment. Please meet me here, it’s time to vote!

Here are all of our entries:












Okay, contestants! If you have come here, please do not vote. We have judges for a reason.
Judges, here you may discuss all the entries and then vote in the poll. Please keep in mind that all our contestants worked hard on there entries, so any rude criticism is not welcome. Feedback would be great though, I’m sure.

Judges, in voting please:

  • Look for creativeness!
    It’s good to have creativeness and have several features to your outfit, instead of just a swimsuit for example. Little things like jewelry, sunglasses, or head wear count!
  • Stay honest in voting
    If you have friends, or even family by any chance, entering this contest, please do not pick them because of that factor. You can still vote for them, but I need you to do so because their outfit was what you wanted, and not because you know them.

Okay, are you ready? Here we go!

Contestants, you may not change your outfit now. Voting has started. And, again, please do not vote. It will mess everything up. I can see who voted :wink:

Winners will be announced on this thread and the original as well. So look for those announcements!

What will the winner receive?
First of all, pride! Winners should be proud they won, because it was definitely a tough call. There were so many great outfits!
Secondly, if you haven’t seen this on the first thread, winners story’s will be promoted by me and our judges. There will be more small prizes depending on which place you got.

The last thing I want to say is important. Don’t be sad if you didn’t win! It was definitely a tough call, and everybody did a great job.

Thank you everyone for participating! I will be looking out for round two contestants tomorrow. This was so much fun! Thank you again! Have a great weekend!

Your host,


Crap I accidentally voted. :hot_face: Ahhh sorry! Just ignore my vote lmao

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It’s okay lol.

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What do the judges think? What does everyone think? Should I allow the outside world to vote?

i accidentally voted sorry :slight_smile:

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You know what it’s alright. I’m letting everyone vote! Except for contestants. I can’t have you guys voting for yourself!


I like turtle cat and lazy donuts outfits the best


I agree. I voted @lazy_donut to make it sort of equal


Nice :clapping:

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OK, now I just need @Random.Tomboy and @Moon_dream to vote. Then I’ll close the poll and announce the winner!


Aww… thank you!:relaxed:

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Done :white_check_mark:
Sorry that I did it late :heart:


Voted :wink:

Sorry for being late :disappointed:

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I was thinking one more voter to have an odd amount.

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I’ve closed the poll!

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:1st_place_medal: @Turtle_Cat Congrats! Your outfit had lots of detail and was great overall!
:2nd_place_medal: @lazy_donut Congrats to you too! Your outfit was overall great, and the background completed the picture all together.
:3rd_place_medal: @turtlelover1025 Your outfit had a very nice color mix, and the tattoo added a fun element! Nice job!

What you receive:

:1st_place_medal: Your story promoted by our 5 judges!
:2nd_place_medal: Your story promoted by 3 judges!
:3rd_place_medal: Your story promoted by me and @JemU776 !

Thank you everybody else for participating! All the outfit were great, round two starts now and you may apply again if you’d like. Thank you again!

*If you don’t have a story, PM me and we’ll figure out a different prize.


Hi! Can you, please, pm me details of stories to promote?

Hi, yes. I still have to talk with the contestants to get the info but once I have it I’ll send it over to everybody :grin:


Thank you :heart: