It's a Read for Read Thread! :) ~CLOSED~


It is that special time for me to do read for reads again! I do these things when I have time, and when I want to read other authors stories. In this community, we are supposed to give each other feedback and constructive criticism to help us to grow. Therefore, I am making this thread to help other authors as well as myself:heart_eyes: I have a form that I will link down below:
Read for Read form

I don’t want this thread to get too extreme and confusing, so I am going to have a waiting list. The first three people who comments on this thread, It’ll take my three days to get through everybody’s stories. I do have a life outside of Episode so please understand that. When I read your story, I will give you my honest opinion on how I feel about your story. That’s called constructive criticism.
DISCLAIMER: Please note that I am not just creating this thread to benefit me, but to benefit other authors as well as myself!

Waiting List


When you fill out the form, I will give you my story details :slight_smile: You can also reach out to me on Instagram @brianam.stories

Anybody Want to do a Read for Read [I HAVE A THREAD ABOUT IT]

You had to fill out the form above.


Just did, deleted my comment too lol


I’m going to contact you through Instagram because I need clarification on something.


That’s ok!


Hey! I filled out the form, Im excited to read your story


Thank you so much!


I just filled out your form, let me know what story you would like me to read for you :slight_smile:


I am accepting people again! If you would like to do a read for read with me, please fill out the form above.


My story named Search for love :blush:


Okay, but you have to fill out the form above so I can all the details of your story, and how you want the read for read process to go.


Okay I will :blush:


Thanks for filling out the form.


If you do not comment on this thread telling me that you filled out the form, I will NOT read your story. How am I gonna read your story without you telling me your Instagram account (if you have one) or commenting on this thread. Currently, I have 2 spots left in order for me to start the official read for read process.


I filled out the form and I’m curious about your story. I’m also looking forward to your feedback. :slightly_smiling_face:


Submitted :blush:


I filled out the form.


Thank you :slight_smile: I look forward to reading your story.


Thank you girl. I look forward to reading your story :slight_smile:


Thank you for filling out the form :slight_smile: