It's done!/ Thoughts/ OPEN FOR REQUESTS!


Thoughts… again😂


The boy’s chest could be improved, to be honest.


It’s really good, but the male’s arm is really long if it’s already bent by her left hip, but can reach around her body to the right.


What’s going on with his mouth??




This is amazing! It’s really cute! I love how you created the characters! The six pack is to die for. :astonished::star_struck::smirk::hugs: @Noor.episode!


Awww thanks!! All the “needs work” comments were kinda discouraging. This is my first edit. Thanks!!! :heart::heart::heart:


This is super good! I really like the way his jacket looks. Very nice work, especially for your first edit! :heart_eyes:


I would look at the font and the placement, it’s sort of off center! Really good, I just feel like the font could be a little less basic and plain? if that makes any sense! :slight_smile:


Just make the male fingers a little thicker.


It’s so good :blush:


But otherwise it’s amazing


Thanks!! :heart: @goth.gaia


Thanks! I was thinking the same. :heart: @RastaUnicorn


It does. Thanks! @calico.episode


THANKS! :heart: @Elena1creates


This was my first edit drawn art
look now what I did

ignore haters they will hate forever and btw can you enter my contest pretty please


Both of em are so good!!! And sure I’ll enter your contest. Just forward the details. :heart::slight_smile:


Intagram? Mine is noor.episode0