It's kind of awkward when

I see anyone promoting or talking about their mafia stories on the forums. It’s such a popular idea that mafia stories aren’t “good” on the forums so whenever I see someone saying anything positive I’m just like, this is the weirdest place to be talking about that. Although they are really popular on instagram, that’s where the people who make mafia stories popular breed ig.

If you wondering, mafia stories aren’t my thing, no shame to those who like to read them, and no shade to people who write them obviously.


Lmao, I feel the same especially during some nights where I might see anywhere between 4-6 threads promoting mafia stories.

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It’s sad, maybe some authors do write interesting stories and are afraid to promote them here because some people will backlash them.


Right, I don’t think people who like a specific genre should be condemned for it. As long as they’re not encouraging nonsensical behavior, I don’t see the harm.


Well I think that the idea of a mafia story is a tad bit overused no shame though! But the plots are all the same so it drives me away😢 but I finally found a creative way to write one (an all women gang who dont care about men) however I am a little afraid people will judge me when they see mafia because its being put out to not make the mafia like capos look romantic. but yeah thats all I have to say

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