It's kind of messed up how the plus size women in episode get certain clothes only

Yeah this is actually true because it’s good that episode added plus size but it does take some time to make new outfits




I honestly agree with you. There aren’t much options for plus-sized women and it’s honestly really sad because why is the catalog longer for the “generic” body type rather than the plus-sized.

I think it’s mainly because as mentioned above by others: the plus size body type is newer and more recent, and it takes a long process to create more outfits. They should try to keep it more current with the generic type though, so that way it’s evened out.


The thing is, it look a long time for the generic body type to amass the amount of clothing it has today- it was build over a few years. I think it’s a little unfair of us to ask that they repeat that process in full in such a smaller time period.
I do think their goal is evening it out considering how many plus sized updates there have consistently been, though.


I agree with Jess. The body type only came out, I believe, this past year. That’s not a lot of time to build a huge wardrobe and they give at least 1-2 items per ‘normal’ weekly updates, and have an entire update dedicated to plus sized characters.

And to my knowledge, all hairstyles are available for the Plus Characters in the character creation part of the portal-- if you’re having an issue with one, I’d submit a support ticket to get it fixed.

As far as transgender characters go, some men who transition have a naturally smaller shoulder width, others have larger more masculine shoulders (hell, I have a female friend with broad shoulders) so I think people will be able to overlook the shoulder size of your trans character (kudos for writing a trans character! There aren’t many stories with trans characters in the forefront. :slight_smile: )

So, don’t. There is a multitude of shades for skin color/hairstyles and clothing to depict more than skinny white people. As far as stomachs go, they did try to give a softer generic figure with the release of the Female Soft Body type. For all of episodes lack of inclusive things in the past, they’ve made a lot more effort to give more choices in body type/color and style.

I do wish they’d give us more “masculine” clothing for the female body types (both generic and plus) so that we can make “tomboy” styled characters, but who knows? Maybe we will get more things that fit that description this year. We haven’t even had a first release yet :slight_smile: Don’t lose hope, yet.

I’m sorry because you seem very upset by this, but try to keep writing and working with what we have, and you can always make suggestions in the art/animation section to gain attention and support from the community for more inclusive/gender neutral clothing.


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If you would like to suggest or support requests for more clothing items for plus-sized females, you can do so the Feature + Art Suggestions category. :smiley: Just make sure to review the Feature Request Guidelines before creating new request threads.


I agree wholeheartedly, and I love your fevor. Ideally, character models and clothing within Episode wouldn’t be gendered or restricted by body type but instead employ some point-graphed system to account for variations. But such things take work. And to instate something like that, Episode would have to redesign their entire character creation section which takes time away from other endeavors. And as we all know: time is money in this society. Episode is a fairly large corporation founded in the early-2010s with a less than expert design. I’m surprised we have many of the liberties we do.

But yep yep, that’s my thesis! Though, I doubt we’ll get there any time soon, you should definitely still advocate for such a change and support other users already doing so. Somewhere else, there might be such storytelling software in development as we speak :))


While I agree with a lot that you’re saying, I have a tiny caveat with this. Yes they did add a soft body type, but it isn’t unique and it is barely noticeable, or at least to me.

I also disagree with this. I think there are a large amount of “masculine clothing for females and they are mostly really good. I can’t say the same about more “girly” outfits, and the ones they do have to me are not good (I find most of them pretty ugly). Unless you’re talking about a different set of “masculine” clothing, I think there are a lot of options for those type of characters.


I agree, it’s not great, but at least they tried. It would be nice to have an in-between sized body – but since we don’t, we’re stuck with what we have. lol

They have done much better about it. But, in my opinion, it’s still lacking. We have the flannel shirts with undershirts-- but they’re cropped for no reason other than to be cropped. When I said masculine, I was referring more to full length shirts, capri pants (I think we have one pair that are blue jean looking?) longer shorts for girls who aren’t comfortable showing off their whole thigh, boot or bell cut pants that actually reach the shoes – those weird 3/4 flared pants are just … odd looking to me.

^^could also be said for more conservative full length clothes in general – especially skirts and long sleeve shirts for people whose religion requires them to wear skirts/cover their bodies.

I do agree that the “girlie” clothes can also be really lacking. I don’t know how these authors with 50+ episodes come up with so many different combos because I was practice coding and putting together “punk/rocker” , girlie-not-pink, or full coverage clothes – geez. I envy their creativity. :joy:

I was also referring to masculine for FtM transitioned people.


Same :rofl:🥲.


I think its messed up how the feminine options for the male bodies are some of the worst clothes lmfao :sob:


Very true. :joy: From what I remember, it’s like 90% short skirts, dresses and crop tops? lol They need to do better for TransWomen lol


I did notice they where knew actually! When I first saw the new characters it made me happy

Lolll, Yessss

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I KNOOOWW RIGHTTTT!!! Can’t they ever have clothes that are normal? Like- not all girls wear that stuff~

Yah, thats true


YES!!! One of my friends are tomboys- and~ she doesn’t really wear close that people expect girls to wear- she likes wearing close that people think only boys should wear

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I’m glad they’re making updates to episode though, its means they are trying to improve

For most of my young teen years I wore band t’s, Tripp pants, chuck taylors and had very brightly colored hair :joy:

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