Its My BIRTHDAY today

Hey, everybody, it’s my birthday today. I’m officially 14 years old.


thanks, can you follow me on Episode, mine is Tessie Annette.

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I am trying to get to 50 followers by the end of the summer and I’ll go up from there.

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For my birthday, if you see this thread please follow me on Episode for my birthday.

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My Episode Profile is Tessie Annette! without the exclamation mark.

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Gonna follow :slightly_smiling_face:

Followed you :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank, should I follow you @Teahwalker, whats your Episode profile name?

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TeahWalker323 if you go to your followers it should show my account with a pink circle next to it

I followed you.

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Actually, I want to get at least 90 followers by the end of this summer, so can you ask your friends to follow me? @Teahwalker

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Yes I will :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s great it’s her birthday but people should follow who they want XD you don’t need to tell your friends to follow! And birthday wishes shouldn’t consist of getting followers, they can be fun sweet wishes for other things. Personally for me, Im happy with what I have-if people want to follow they will and if they don’t, they will not. We don’t need to set these following goals-are we really going to be happy with aiming for the most followers? Nope, make a goal like learning the basics of a language by the end of the summer, not aiming for a high amount of followers-again if u do follow others, sometimes people will follow back but if they don’t its ok. We follow our interests and Ive seen people ask for a follow4follow- no need! However, this is just my opinion lol and on a side note, happy birthday to this user xoxo


@Jeremy or @Sydney_H can you close this thread, please?


Topic closed by OP request. Moved to General Chat as it is not Episode-related.