It's never said this before


What is this mean? And is it really going to error out like this ever 10 minuets?


This is all it will do now. :expressionless::sob:


Jesus Christ I have the same problem!


Its crazy I just want through some of the threads and seems like a lot of people are having a hard time with the writer’s portal.
I wounder if its because they just updated it…Hope they get this bug fixed soon, I have things I need to fix it my story and a chapter to work on.


I don’t know but It’s getting really annoying lol


Yes me to and really fast lol


What browser do you use?


Google Chrome.


Have you tried closing the browser and reopening


Yes, a number of times…


But it keeps doing it.


Hmmm restart your laptop?


I haven’t tied that yet. Thank you I will. :slight_smile:


Yeah, still not working…:frowning:


Hmmm maybe try using a dofferent browser


Try this maybe. It worked for me too and I had the same problem :wink:


I knew it couldn’t be just me. If you refresh the page, close it reopen it, blah blah, it will work up until like the 2nd preview. I’ve found that if I preview from the same spot too many times, it’ll do it. If I save and then preview and preview from a different spot every time, it’s less likely to happen.

It’ll still happen, but you can get a few lines in here and there. XD


I deleted all my history, caches and reopened my browser and error disappeared.


Oh! Also, it’ll do it most often if you preview from anywhere that isn’t the beginning.

I’d love to clear my history, but I can’t.


I know. I made it before, but it’s annoying to refresh 10 times the page for 1 row preview.
I have over 3500 rows on my story… My F5 button will be broken in no time.:sweat_smile: