It's never said this before


SAME!! For real, I’m 'bout ready to throw my eggs through the screen. XD


That’s sucks because I don’t want to start from the beginning every time especially when I’m on the last scene.


Thank you ill try.


I know that feeling!:sweat_smile:


Luckily, I learned this…it is habit to say software, but that’s not what it is, program…

Whatever, I learned the thing quick, so I just kinda write out whole scenes before having to preview and yeah. I can find ways around it pretty well. The skip 10 button is useful, though not nearly as quick as you’d like it to be. HONESTLY! The bug just needs to be fixed. XDXDXD

I’m sure they’ll get there. No way it can be ignored, you know?


After I saw error, I wanted to give up, but I know they’ll fix it and will be great like before.
I’m same like you. I can write an whole chapter without preview, but when I have to change spots on characters or zoom some areas, I can preview dozen times only one scene until I’m sure it’s like I want.


It is so great to know you, kinsman. <3 Much love to you and God bless you.