Its not adding this overlay into my script!

I’m trying to get this shot added to my script but it wont let me, here it is.

@zoom on 204 424 to 276% in 0
@WARDEN spot 1.280 227 -22
@WARDEN moves to layer 16
@SHILOH spot 0.542 140 370
@SHILOH moves to layer 3
@overlay 4832421069914112_HUMAN TEST TUBE shifts to -84 59
@overlay 4832421069914112_HUMAN TEST TUBE scales to 0.712 0.712
@WARDEN is idle_rear
@SHILOH changes into lab_test_fit

SHILOH (react_gasp_dismayed)
(noo please)

@pause for a beat

&overlay INJECTION shifts to 41 17 in zone 1 and overlay INJECTION opacity 1 in 0
@overlay INJECTION scales to 4.366 4.366"

Which overlay is not being added? Because for the human test tube one, you have to declare the opacity to be 1

The injection isnt being added. the human test tube is just fine

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OH my bad! I missed that part. You need the opacity to be on another line instead of using the “and overlay” command. (I think).
Try it as:

&overlay INJECTION shifts to 41 17 in zone 1
&overlay INJECTION opacity 1
@overlay INJECTION scales to 4.366 4.366

Hmmm its not working, it doesnt even show up

You didn’t add the create command for that overlay.

Ohhh thank you, how do i do that? :sweat_smile:

@overlay OVERLAYNAME create

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It worked! thank you for helping @HermanEpisode and @Dara.Amarie !


@Sydney_H please close this

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Closed by OP request :smiley: