It's not that important

Sorry I’ve made a new story, my other one wasn’t exciting. I’m pretty sure most people can relate when making their first story. But I was making a hair option and I don’t know what the code is trying to say

sorry about my cringey name aswell

First, remove the word choice that’s on top of the options Straight, Fishy Tail, Ponytail.


And remove the word choice on top of “You’re a disgusting rotten peach!”

done aswell

Now save it and see what comes up :thinking:

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it’s saying that I forgot to put “choice” at the top

Can you show me that part?

Can’t really see the error :sweat_smile:


You need to include the word choice on top of Beach Wave (I only said to remove it from the next three)

This is how a generic choice looks:

Pick a color.


You chose pink.


You chose blue.


You chose red.


All very lovely colors!

I got no idea whats going on

You’re skipping a line.

You’re writing this:



When it should be:




Add the word choice on top of “Mrs. Steal yo man.” NOT on top of “You’re a disgusting, rotten peach!”

Thank you so much! It finally worked

No problem :wink:

It’s fun to help people ^^

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