It's not working with label choosing_outfits


It said “You cannot have a label inside if/then statements or { }.” and “The label “choosing_outfits” does not exist”

What can I do??

@Apes @YAY12 @WinterMoon05


This dressing game is inside the choice?


You can’t have labels inside the choices.

What you can do is write a goto choosing_outfits in the main choice.


What do you mean by that? Coz I’m a bit confused


Can we see the code above this


That is the code ^^^ but I don’t understand what do you want me to do??


Theres more code above this code. I’d like to see that too


Here :slight_smile:



The error says there’s a label inside the choice so is your bedroom scene is inside of some different choice?

Do you have any new/ different errors?


It’s interesting because in the previous picture you have a label called label choosing_outfits
But in this pic you have now label choosing_outfit


Well, it’s working but it won’t lemme press the button to try something else.


Did you change the label name like @RudeInception noticed?


Yes I did


You have to put some sort of diaoulge at “Try something else”

so like this:

“Try something else”{

CHAR1 (talk_think)
Insert text

goto choosing_outfits

I dunno it might work just give it a try <3

PS: If that doesn’t work then we’ll try figure out something


There’s no need for a dialogue there. It should work without it.


Thanks, I’ll let you know :slight_smile:


I know, but it’s worth a try <3 it probs won’t work but I usually do that when I’m doing a dressing game, I have never tried it with just the label before.


What’s the error now?


Lemme try myself with just the label and I’ll let anyone know if I have any problems


It won’t lemme press the button to try something else.