Its replaying and not finshing the scene when previewing

@SPENCER is think

&TYLER spot 0.677 426 50

@TYLER walks to spot 0.713 264 44 in 3 AND TYLER is walk_sad

&TYLER is idle_sad

    SPENCER (talk_handsonhips)
Hey buddy, where's your mommy?

@pause for a beat

@SPENCER is think

@TYLER is cry_weep

@SPENCER is deepbreath

    SPENCER (talk_sad_clutch)
Tyler buddy come on don't cry everything is okay.

@SPENCER is idle_kneel

    SPENCER (talk_sad)
Come give me a hug buddy.

&zoom on 291 0 to 198% in 1

Okay so I have this scene set up and when it gets to @SPENCER is idle_kneel it doesn’t move on instead it goes all the way back to Spencer (talk_sad_clutch) Tyler buddy come on don’t cry everything is okay and this it just stops…Like you can’t click to get it to try again you have to hit preview again. I have tried exiting out, maybe there is something I am miss? It’s never done this before.

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@pause for a beat should have seconds

@pause for 1

@pause for 2

And so on

I use @pause for a beat all the time, you use that when you just want it for a split second. I use it in ever episode.

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Oh ok let me check again :sparkling_heart:

I don’t see anything wrong :thinking:

Same thought maybe I was missing something lol but I keep looking over and over and over and then when I can’t find anything I exit out and go back in and it still does it and I just need to get this scene done so when my art is approved I can publish 10. :confused: I’m so lost on what’s wrong with it.

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Try @Dara.Amarie

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Problem soved

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