It's so quiet ๐Ÿ‘ป๐Ÿ‘ป

Im trying to put all food emojis here :joy: feel free to add more
:sushi: :shallow_pan_of_food::canned_food::canned_food::shrimp::chocolate_bar::candy::tropical_drink::beer::wine_glass::custard::honey_pot::baby_bottle::beers::clinking_glasses::cup_with_straw::ice_cube::champagne::sake::tea::coffee::pie::cupcake::cake::birthday::cookie::doughnut::grapes::melon::tangerine::mushroom::egg::canned_food::doughnut::canned_food::fried_shrimp::birthday::crab::spaghetti::beers::tumbler_glass::tea::cookie::shaved_ice::candy::canned_food::hotdog:


Hello @AndyJr18 (not sure if you remember your sister in law you never talked to because of time zones) but when did you get back on forums? :scream:

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Hi I do remember you. I came back yesterday and had to say goodbye to charity :sob::sob::cry::cry:

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Ikr, everyone is dead


Ah, I hope she comes back to see it some timeโ€ฆ :disappointed_relieved:

I mean, yes, I am dead. Cause I am a vampire and vampires are supposed to be dead and a lot of people here are ghosts. But I wonโ€™t call all of them dead. :laughing:

Being dead is an art. :laughing:

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Oh wow

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I died a long time ago :sleepy:

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So did I. :laughing:

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