Its the little things!

So lots of things in life make us happy but sometimes even the little things in life can make us smile! Here are some of mine:

  • Being bathed in sunlight.
  • a stranger smiling at me.
  • seeing a full moon or even a red one!
  • Looking back in primary/secondary or even just notepads in general.
  • seeing my best friend happy.
  • looking at sunsets/sunrises.
  • Actually spending time with nature and to stop using my phone for a long time :joy: - dont judge meh!
  • a dog running up to me in a park.

What are yours?


yes so true! somethimes when you look out the window and it’s just such a beautiful day/sky or something you get that really amazing felling of just pure happiness! i also life in a dog neighbourhood so als those doggo’s make me smile all the time :slight_smile:


yes, i agree! once i was on the train and it was passing the countryside and it looked so beautiful - it made me so happyyy :grinning:


looking at things being moved by wind
a warm smile
someone being kind


most of them are true for me, but things start getting awkward when a stranger starts smiling at me lol


aha i understand ya! it gets more awkward as well when you start making eye contact with them :joy:

  • Some random person actually being friendly.
  • My gerbils walking onto my hand and looking up at me- it’s just so nice to have such a cute, small, helpless animal trust you with their life.
  • When someone understands what I’m going through, like legitimately understands and isn’t just going, I understand.
  • Chocolate.
  • Ice cream.

I have a few things similar :blush:

  • Seeing my best friend smile and laugh
  • Bathing in the sun
  • Seeing beautiful flowers
  • Getting complimented by family (which is rare)
  • Reading Harry potter (Yes I am a fan)
  • Eating/drinking stuff that warms me in the inside (I’m so poetic)

This post :upside_down_face::heart:

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awwww, thank you! But may i ask why?! :hearts:

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Because it’s just like people bring happy and sparing their happiness and it’s so nice and cute and sweet and it makes me happy reading this :smile::heart:

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That has just made my day! Thank you so much :hearts: :hearts: :hearts:

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i absolutely agree with the 3rd one because its so nice to know that you arent the only one feeling like that! it makes be feel safe and secure :blush:

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Looking at the rain or seeing snow makes me happy. I’m like a kid. :blush:

  • Spending time with my mom and dad (especially since I’m going to college soon)
  • The smell and sound of rain
  • The sound of water running
  • Writing
  • Hugs and cuddles
  • A smile
  • Seeing my cat sunbathing and sleeping around the house.
  • Cloudy days and rain
  • My favorite fast food place
  • Hugs and cuddles
  • Music
  • Nightime
  • When my favorite fanfiction updates
  • Kissing my cat’s forehead
  • Sleepless night because of the interesting book. :open_book:
  • Falling asleep while listening to the thunderstorm. :zap:
  • First snow :snowflake:
  • Writing posts for my help thread :postbox:

Welp, I spend a good amount of time thinking over this, and realized there aren’t many things that make me happy lately.


.Whaching my childern grow
.Being outdoors with no phones. tables, or anything
.Floting in a pool or a floty in the bright sun
.Cuddling up with my husband and reading a book together.
.Seeing old people happy (I have no clue why but ever since I was little I love to whach old happy people lol don’t know why.)

  • Seeing my kids happy
  • Seeing the rain
  • Hearing my bird singing
  • Seeing my husband playing with the kids.
  • Drinking a nice cold Corona with lemon

I miss the snow
Have not seen it in over 15 years. I love the snow. :cry:

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